Tarrant Area Food Bank

Fighting hunger is an ongoing battle as the population grows and the economy expands and contracts. Each month, Tarrant Area Food Bank is providing groceries and/or meals to more than 53,000 family and individual households. Most of the food Tarrant Area Food Bank distributes is donated by the food industry, including growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. About 33 pounds out of every 100 pounds of food distributed to communities is a fresh fruit or vegetable.  As the population has grown, so has the demand for the services of the food bank.

Where it all Began

The Tarrant Area Food Bank is expecting the demand for their services to grow from the current 20 million pounds per year to over 50 million pounds per year in the coming 10 years.  The TAFB needs to expand their facilities without affecting their ability to deliver services today.

Where it began to click

The TAFB had acquired an adjacent tract for construction of a new administration building to handle the growing staff and client demands, as well as the need for a training kitchen.  The movement of the administrative offices from the existing facility will allow for the expansion of food distribution operations.

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The Solution

Working with the team at the Tarrant Area Food Bank, we led the efforts to construct a new Administration and Training building across the street from the existing  facility.  Upon completion of the new facility, the second phase of the project is adding large refrigeration units to the existing warehouse to handle the demand for fresh produce and improving efficiency to handle the growing demand.

The Takeaway

Hunger is not seasonal like most owners we serve, we had to develop a project approach to keep the food bank in operation and allow for construction. This required a balance of food safety for operations with construction phasing, staging, and scheduling to balance operational impact with costs for the food bank.

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