Our Culture

Our Culture

Construction projects are the most successful with a team that is both pragmatic and creative by design. It takes a healthy dose of rigidity and productivity to ensure budget, timelines, and requirements are met, yet it also takes an equal dose of creativity, innovation, and inspiration to build something that people can not only use, but fall in love with.

Where we've come from helps to form where we're going.

Construction and commerce is in our DNA. The story of Ratliff goes back at least four generations. The Ratliff family ancestors made their way to Texas in 1873, making their name by building a General Store, followed by several other businesses which served the growing community of Coppell.

Just after he was married in 1900, “Fate” Ratliff was called to build the local Baptist Church, which led to many others across the growing state of Texas. Along the way, Fate built businesses for his growing family as well. Tom Ratliff followed his passion into public education for a number of years, but returned to his business roots and added public service to his resume as a County Judge.

In the next generation, Bill chose to follow a career in engineering, and built several successful engineering firms while constructing public infrastructure across Texas to continue serving a growing state. Bill followed the family calling into public service as well, serving as State Senator and Lt. Governor and presiding over the Texas “Miracle” of the 1990s and 2000s.

Our founder, Bennett Ratliff, followed his father’s footsteps into engineering and the construction of infrastructure as well as his calling to public service. Bennett recognized in the late 1990s that Texas business owners needed someone to help them grow, and he started The Ratliff Group in 2002 to fill the growing need of his friends and clients. While building and growing his firm, he also found time to serve the community as a School Board Trustee for 9 years and then as the State Representative.

How do we do business?

Every construction project marches to the beat of a different drum, because every project involves a unique set of members involved. Every member holds fast to a unique set of values and a unique set of strengths & weaknesses. Our approach is not to conform everyone to our beat, but to identify where the harmony is, and unify a tempo that brings harmony to every project to ensure each project’s goals are met or exceeded.

The Team

Bennett Ratliff

The Trail Boss. Leads the herd, rounds up the strays, buck stops here. Bennett was raised around his father’s engineering business and worked as a draftsman starting in High School.

Beccy Ratliff

Chief Everything Officer. If you’re not sure who to call, she probably handles it. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Beccy has been around and worked in a family business her whole life and isn’t afraid of a little hard work.

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